The services which Anclajes Grapamar, S.L. provides to our customers are:

VENTILATED FAÇADE ENGINEERING, here we do all the exact calculations, considering the actions of pressure, seismic and wind suction, considering the geographical area of the project, to make sure the proper use of the system, ensuring that the installation is done in a safe way, finally on this area also work on the design of the façade in order to optimize the use of materials, taking seriously the aesthetics of the façade.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING OF SPECIAL SYSTEMS, addressed to special projects, as tiling systems with irregular or unusual positions, our engineering department works to obtain the most suitable system for that singular applications which can arise on your projects.

INSTALLATION AND FIXING OF SYSTEMS IN FACADES, we have at your disposal different teams of specialists with a vast experience on the installation of mechanical systems for facades, they can perform any required work within the highest quality requirements.

SUPPLYING  OF CLADDING MATERIALS, our great experience in this field let us offer any variety of cladding materials such as natural stone, porcelain tiles, phenolic board, aluminum composite, glass or any suitable kind of cladding,

FULL PACKAGES, for a better convenience of our customers, we may offer complete packages, covering engineering, mechanical systems, cladding materials and Installation, in order to avoid our customers from the work of looking separately from all that components, thus optimizing time and costs.

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